The new CopySpider is in the air

The new CopySpider had its graphical user interface redesigned, making their use even more friendly. Further, the Internet search engines were upgraded and the new version 1.1.0 presents a considerable gain in accuracy and stability in determining similar documents for the input file provided for verification.

The CopySpider now uses the Google, Yahoo and Bing engines in a combined way, improving the online search performance for fragments of your document.

Now you can Export the verification reports and send to your teacher or assessor as a way of stating that your work has no faults related to undue copies.

Last but not least, CopySpider has a Professional version with resources focused on productivity evaluation of a large number of documents (batch processing).

The freeware version is still there to serve primarily students and their demands for certification. If your institution is interested in the Professional version, please contact us by email at


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